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margin cars made in the u.s.a. outpaced imports in terms of quality. but have the car companys' images improved? us automakers finally listened. consumers seem to be shifting their views about buying american. "cadillacs are awesome. i mean my next car is a cadillac. reporter: and you are driving what right now? a lexus. this is a great car for as long as i have had it don't get me wrong, but cadillac is putting out a great car right now. and, yeah, i will go back to buying american." "we now have people thinking i want to buy american." david koehler, marketing professor at the university of illinois at chicago believes american automakers are doing a better job of keying in on what consumers want. "i think that as for becoming more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly, it's becoming better." "would you buy an american car? do you think the quality is getting better? i do, i do feel like the quality is getting better. especially now that taxpayers bailed them out. they were forced to." koehler agrees bailout money sparked u.s. automakers to improve quality. ford did not take the
, probably where we should end. ok, so let's turn to the government bonds market. we've seen the man a u.s. treasurys over the past several weeks clout. why do you think u.s. treasuries are so attractive, even at such low yields that they're seeing? as we are the one sovereign that still has the ability to print its own currency and tax quite heavily the world's largest economy. and that is the sole reason why investors are fleeing into treasurys particularly at the end of last week into the long end of the treasury curve. which has widened out the spread between the 30 and 10 year to highs we haven't seen since the crisis and it and do you think that demand in u.s. treasuries will continue? we know it probably will abate here. we have dividend discount model is telling you that stocks are actually cheat and you're living the government monday at under 3% for 10 years. and you can buy general electric or something of that nature with an abated upside option, it just doesn't begin to make sense. and as we move closer to 2011, interest rates are inevitably going to rise. and so, i think peop
." suprisingly u.s. consumers are just starting to get a handle on mobile shopping. neilson reports in the end of the 4th quarter of 2009 21% of americans owned a smartphone to download apps. and despite the u.s. handle on technology, it's europe that is leading the way in mobile shopping. shares of european banks rallied on wednesday as criteria for the bank stress tests began leaking out. shares of royal bank of scotland and barclays were up almost 9% yesterday. market watchers predict that all the 100 banks being tested will pass because the hurdle is low. they say the test is meant to boost investor confidence, not expose weak banks. since the spring, many euro- banks have seen sharp a fall, because investors feared those banks could face a liquidity crunch in light of a huge sovereign debt loads. stress tests results are expected to be released sometime this month. president obama is making a campaign swing through las vegas today. he's lending support to senate majority leader harry reid who is running for re-election. and, he is also expected to talk about the economy. at the white hous
to be devalued. and you're talking about a double-dip recession in the u.s.? absolutely, and in europe, for that matter. where you are looking at a situation of the first wave deflationary hitting the market, as opposed to inflation. from there, you have the amount of liquidity or another stimulus, or multiple stimulus rounds that will have to come into the market. at that point, you'll see the market move back onto a longer turn up trend. we actually would of been better off with sustainability if we had pulled all the way back to the 200 day this particular wave. and we might still, but i tend to think that you're going to see this market just grind higher. will make new highs before the end of this year, go into probably the 1380-1440 range as the next target for next year. ok, a market that simply grind higher, that is so difficult to trade. so what is your strategy, short- term and long term? short term, if you're not in gold, as get some. get some percentage of your assets into gold. then look for either very auspicious new highs to go with, or for the ultimate break that everybo
the mortgage mess that u.s. banks face, right? it is, on two counts, beejal. first is that sovereign debt isn't suppose i have a credit component. there isn't supposed be fear that a country can't pay you back. especially a country that belongs to the e u. that supposed to be one sovereign giant unit. so that is in the question. and the second part is the numbers are so big. the e c b loaned out 400 billion in one-year term lending. so the numbers are huge, and both counts are different than the mortgage market. yeah, and the european central bank continues offering more liquidity to those banks. but doesn't that just delay the inevitable? because these banks are going to have to take a hit on their sovereign debt sooner or later. they are just on life support right now, it seems. right, and they have done the right things. you have to give the central banks here in the states and in europe the credit for solving a liquidity crisis. but the credit markets seized up and provided liquidity. they pumped the system full of money. and the liquidity problem is solved. what we have now is a solvency
everyone. it's monday july 26th, 2010. and president obama urges the u.s. senate to finish work on a small business jobs plan. in the meantime, coming up we're going to speak with an author who has several solutions on how to boost job creation, angie. good morning to you and also we're going to be talking about gas prices which are not that crazy this summer. people are not driving as much, so that is definitely helping out. plus, we're going to take a look at a story that never gets old, the running of the brides. stick around for that everybody. thanks angie. and will investors really believe the results of the euro zone bank stress tests? we're going to have 2 market pros weighing in on that question coming up. and let's head over to the cme group and join lincoln ellis of the linn group. lincoln we've got some housing data out in the new week. how do you think that's going to affect the markets? people will continue to watch housing as its construction components are such a big piece of this unemployment picture. until we get health back in the housing market, markets will key volatil
in the next year. wow, those are pretty high expectations, angie. and coming up this week, the u.s. senate could take a vote on the issue of extending unemployment benefits. and by now, almost 2.5 million americans have been cut off from the rolls since early june. so we can expect a very heated debate this week in the senate. and first let's get a checkup on the trading floor over there at the cme group. michael seery of olympusfutures.com is there. and boy, the markets just fell apart last friday. we had high hopes about earnings and it all just kind of unraveled. what's going on? well the problem is last week we have five or six straight up days and some big up days after the big decline in the week prior. i think we're just getting back to reality. you have to be a seller of stocks in my opinion. there's just not any growth in any country, including the united states. unemployment is going to be at 10%. it could be at 10% for several more years. the housing market has nothing going for it. i don't understand why people would be buying stocks, i am just very negative the whole stock mar
into jail or anyone lacking a valid u.s. id. under the new law, the immigration status of anyone who is arrested must be determined before they are released. what the back to school season means for retailers and investors. but first, tim mulholland of china america tells us whether the stock market needs a dose of reality. that's coming up next. @@@@ and let's take another look at headlines this week with tim mulholland of china america capital. tim, let's talk gdp growth. on friday, we're expecting a second quarter forecast of 2 1/2 for an annual growth rate. and depending on if we hit or miss that number, how do you see that impacting the markets? well i think what's gonna happen is these estimates and numbers have been coming out lower, then we were revised lower for quarter 1 gdp. the same thing will probably happen for quarter 2. but going forward what we will be looking at is the employment picture of the u.s.. the fact that inventories have been restocked and there's a debate right now whether these inventories now are going to be able to do anything more in the second half.
on now. some say that u.s. treasury securities remain the best safe haven play it better than gold in fact. what do you think about that? well, it is to a degree. we're still the largest economy in the world. we're still the reserve currency of the world. i don't think you're going to say to me any longer the eurocurrency is a world reserve currency. you might, but i don't think you're right. so, the dollar is getting the benefit of all that. and we go out into the marketplace and have 2% interest rates, 1% interest rates. and the idea there is that you put your money with this because you know you're going to get your currency back. you cannot say that about other places. and that's the reason for that statement. ok, but on the other hand, why would anyone want to and that's in the u.s. government over the long term? we're talking 10 and 30 year government bonds, considering the state of our fiscal affairs. you know, you ask me that same question three months ago. and i said i didn't know then. i don't know now. i'm not advising people to run out and buy bonds then, i'm not advisi
and u.s. treasury securities to remain strong or taper off? i think they're going to continue to remain strong. i think that there's really no other place to put your money or park your money right now. the rest of the economies in the world aren't as good as the united states actually. i just think that's the place people have chosen to park their money right now. and i think they feel that's the safest place for it. one thing that i will say, if the stock market starts to perform, and it looks like is going to make a bottom. you could see some of this flight to quality money come out and roll into the stock market. but they need a confirmation this week. especially with corporate earnings that the market has made a bottom. and if you do, then i could see maybe the treasuries coming off a little bit with money rolling into the stock market. ok, thanks so much. that's definitely an important trade to watch. ron pankau, independent trader at the cme group. the sec is getting closer to proposing new rules that could prevent another flash crash situation in the market. may 6th, the dow fel
to come. and today, the u.s. senate could take a controversial vote on extending the unemployment benefits, or at the very least they could start debating that issue. and there's new numbers from the economic policy institute saying that the expansion of benefits since 2007 actually supported 1.7 million full-time jobs and raise gdp by almost $245 billion or a 1.7% boost. i phone 4 users will have to wait until the end of the week to pick up the cases apple is giving out to solve the phone's antenna problem. the free cases are the latest solution ceo steve jobs is offering to apple fans disappointed in the new phone. but will it be enough to keep the shine on apple? here's a slice of what we are hearing from apple customers regarding the i-phone 4 and the latest fix. "they probably should have just given out the cases in the beginning when they got the complaints. because i heard they were told not to give out cases and now they have to turn around and give them out so. they should have given them in the first place." "it should be recalled." this apple customer already has a case for her
recession here in the u-s, our next guest says we are not going to see that. it was more surreal than anything. you're under fire. you're getting blown up. there's definitely adrenaline. there was the explosion, and i remember just opening my eyes, and it got both of my legs. i had surgery after surgery, you know, i was on a lot of pain medicine. "what's going to happen next? and how long am i going to be here?" the wounded warrior project dropped off a backpack for me. and it had everything in there that i could possibly have needed at that time. peer visitors, people who have been where i had been before, said, "look, brother, "everything's going to be okay. "three months from now, or four months "from now, a year from now, you'll be fine." that type of thing was an invaluable service. to be honest, i don't know if i would be as well adjusted as i am now if it wasn't for them. to learn more, call... or visit woundedwarriorproject.org. earnings are right around the corner. starting next monday companies begin reporting 2nd quarter results. meanwhile, investors are very cautious about
trading, has his eyes on u.s. manufacturing which has been on the rebound. due in part to government programs such as "cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, and breaks for home buyers. from the floor of the chicago board options, barer holds the view that the markets are not sure what will happen next. and they will take direction from earnings rolling out over the next few weeks. especially from big dow components such as microsoft. "what they say about pc demand that there is going to be a good indicator for the economy. people holding off on purchases cisco and intel that should be a good signal for the broader economy." traders and analysts watch what profits, but more importantly listen to what company officials have to say. monday night alcoa reported a profit, but key to the markets and the economy alcoa officials noted a rising demand for aluminum worldwide. bp says things are moving smoothly in its latest attempt to place a new, larger containment cap over the leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. and the news caused an 8% jump in bp shares, which closed just under 37 do
? it is quite simply gold will go up because if you think about the u.s. dollar, it's a huge rally. and the dollar i think it will weaken. when the dollar weakens, you'll see a reaction in gold opposite way, which is up. and considering since i've been buying gold since 2003, every time i check the prices, even though it's over extended, it's still making me money by doing that strategy. until that quits working, i think it's going to go up. ok, what the last thing time you were on our show, your previous stock picks were ford and pepsi. do you see like those? still love both those stocks. if you look at ford, it just made a new four week high, pepsi is staying right strong. and i have an additional stock that is interesting. what is it? c b o e. it just went public. it went public, and if you look at the stock, look at what's going on with it, i think you feeling the natural turnover of the right now, it looks little negative if you look at it on the chart pattern. but i think the stock has a lot of potential, we will see the growth of option entry reflected in the price of that s
think stocks could go higher. for one, the euro u.s. dollar has really rebounded significantly. so that snowball up pressure on stocks, at least for now, right? why, i think that was more symbolic than anything of the global fear in the marketplace. i think that added to the components. obviously the united states has a certain distance from that, financially and geographically. and that, we are not as impacted. but people were concerned that contagion will drag us down. i think that's a little bit of a relief, you are seeing the vix also declined. the volatility index you also see the dollar index turn over and you are seeing some of the money they have been chasing, the safety of the dollar going into other investments. so other markets like crude oil and gold have been holding very well. and as we let this market out of the bottom. ok, so give me a price target on the s&p 500 then. first we have to get above the recent high of 1130, but 50% retracement of this high we saw back in april is somewhere around the 1110 level. so we could get above that, then you might see some short
with concerns of the greek economy. what the euro, the ups and downs of the your are going to mean for the u.s.. in the end it seems now to be sort of petering out. what all these things are taking a toll on investor's psyche. we have very severe pullback in the equity market, closed to 16% from the peak, from the bottom we've had a sharp bounce back. but still in negative territory for the year. so all these factors are causing people to be more cautious, more conservative and so we have trend our growth forecast a bit. the bright side from the limited number of earnings results that have come out, there's really no signs that companies are bracing for a double-dip recession. no, not at all. and in fact, the pre announcements have been far and few between. so as far we have had excellent earnings from to two huge companies, intel and alcoa. c s x has been good and we're going to get this week, the rest of this week we will see bank earnings that are going to, i think also look pretty good when the investors digest them. so when we look at the second half now, what will continue to prop up the
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)